Echeveria ‘Melaco Brown Rose’ features green leaves with a tint of copper red, and forms a “molasses” rosette. They are members of the Crassulaceae family. This variety can be distinguished by its silver-grey rosette formed by spoon-shaped leaves, which resembles a lot to the artichoke head. Most will tolerate shade and some frost, although hybrids tend to be less tolerant. The massive lilac-tinted leaves with pink blushing form a rosette that can be up to 20” (50 cm) across. Blue Frills Echeveria. The species is amongst the most popular Echeveria hybrid varieties. During fall and winter, the plant produces stunning dark red flowers. Echeveria is a large genus of succulent plants native to parts of Central America, South America, and Mexico. It grows flowers in urn shape. With its green bluish rosettes, this is a fairly large plant that can grow in a small pot. Echeveria perle von nurnberg need full sun and can grow up to two feet wide. Echeveria Minima grows to only about 3-5 inches tall. 4. Echeveria agavoides Lipstick Echeveria. Echeveria elegans – Large silver leaves that look they are covered in soft down. Lipstick Echeveria. The rosettes of Echeveria Cana form small columns upon maturity. The rosettes form a balled shape because of the cupped leaves. Senecio rowleyanus f. variegatus - Variegated String of Pearls [large] [limited] Mystery Echeveria [large] [unlabeled] Echeveria Larger 3.5" Pots Set of 4. Echeveria gigantea is a large succulent plant in the Gibbiflorae group of Echeveria that rises up on unbranched stems up to 18 inches (45 cm) and has 2 foot (60 cm) wide open rosettes of large, broad, spoon-shaped, green to gray-green leaves that have a slightly … Tip: If an Echeveria is grown too big and disturbed by an arrangement or a pot, it can be cut from the top and propagated in a short time. Glaucous Echeveria. But they rarely reach to a length more than 5-10 centimeters. This fast-growing succulent does well only in a warm climate. The color of the rosette keeps getting darker with the exposure of sunlight. They are upturned and pointy, forming a symmetrical shape. Shop succulents and a variety of lawn & garden products online at You have entered an incorrect email address! This collection is specially hand-picked from our CA. Height 50cm; Echeveria ‘Blue Frills’ – frilled, blue, green foliage with a pink edge. Scientific Name: Echeveria ‘Black Prince’. The green, pink, and red colored triangular leaves form a perfect rosette. glauca ‘Compton Carousel’ – red and yellow flowers in summer over rosettes of two-toned foliage. Echeverias are a large genus of succulent plants native to Central America. The longer, thicker, and older an echeveria's trunk, the smaller the rosette at the tip will be. It forms a mostly solitary, stemless rosette up to 30 cm in diameter, with distinctive, upright, arching, fleshy, lance-shaped leaves with a fine point and with the older leaves often having a blush of pink. Beheading. Grows red flowers. Find succulents at Lowe's today. It’s less frost-tolerant as compared to the other species and grows vivid orange flowers. ... Echeveria Trumpet Pinky from $ 26.95 USD $ … It gets brighter under direct sunlight. Being a gardener, you must have often gotten confused--Are Mums Perennials or Annuals? The appropriately named ‘Joy’s Giant’ echeveria is one of the largest on this list. There are dozens of species, and hundreds of cultivars offering a wide array of colors, sizes or leaf shapes. Don't hate me. Echeveria Minima is an echeveria type which produces chubby bluish leaves. This extraordinary Echeveria variety features droplet-like globular bumps near the tips of light-green leaves with red margins. Echeveria gibbiflora is the largest of all echeveria species, and one of the parent plants of the majority of the large, cabbage-head echeveria hybrids we’ve come to know so well. Here are the Best Echeveria Types you can grow! … It grows coral pink flowers. Othonna capensis 'Ruby Necklace' [large] [limited] This stunning Echeveria exhibits a gorgeous shade of lilac-pink leaves. It can be identified by its green-fuzzy rosette that looks quite astonishing! Great for Events as centerpieces and table decor, or enjoy at home! This ... 2. It is a compact type that forms a clumped rosette. It grows orange, bell-shaped flowers in summer. The Best Echeveria Types to Grow.
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