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We had him on a popular brand but then started researching the ingredients. We experimented 2 other brands before taste of the wild. We add dried yeast (saccharomyces) to this formula as it is a source of protein and B vitamins. Our German shepherd puppy is almost 10 months and she loves food! Keep fresh water available at all times. In closing, I am very pleased with Taste of the Wild, and will continue to purchase the product!
All of our Taste of the Wild canned recipes are formulated for growth and maintenance, and are suitable for puppies. Overall Taste of the Wild’s High Prairie Puppy Formula contains an average of 3,656 kcal/kg or 364 kcal/cup. Boar. 3 of these are from their Prey line, which is created with just 4 ingredients … This complete and balanced formula can also be fed as your pet’s sole diet. My pup wolfed it down so quickly that I almost forgot I gave it to him. Taste of the Wild offers a total of 16 adult kibbles across both of their lines, all with different flavor offerings. If you have any further questions, please contact us by submitting an inquiry at In place of grains, Taste of the Wild uses a combination of lentils and a variety of potatoes.